Bringing on the BookLove Again!

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Antonia Honeywell was kind enough to let me loose on her radio programme Booktime Brunch on Chiltern Voice this Monday, and I had an absolute blast!

This time, we talked all about small independent presses, and the amazing passionate people behind them who, like us, love books and reading and want to shout about great books!

You can listen to Booktime Brunch here…


As promised, are the links to everyone and everything Antonia and I talked about.

Look them up, read what they do, follow them, read their blogs, buy a book (or ten) from them, and here’s to us all of us for sharing the book love!


The Books We Talked About

This Mortal Boy by Dame Fiona Kidman from @BelgraviaB

Little by @EdwardCarey70  also from @BelgraviaB

How To Be Autistic by @smallreprieves  from @MyriadEditions

It’s Gone Dark Over Bill’s Mother by  @lisablowerwrite from @MyriadEditions

The Mating Habits of Stags by Ray Robinson from @EyeAndLightning

The Caravaners by Elizabeth Von Arnim from @KateHandheld

Witches Sail In Eggshells by  @TurnerPen2Paper from @reflexfiction

The Offing by @BenMyers1 from @BloomsburyBooks

Bone China by @spookypurcell from @BloomsburyRaven

Hungry Paul by @MumblinDeafRo from @Ofmooseandmen

Brian Flynn Mysteries and the Furrowed Middlebrow Series by @DeanStPress

Self and I by @MDeAbaitua from @EyeAndLightning


The Fabulous Book Loving Bloggers We Talked About


Amanda is a brilliant book blogger, who not only consistently fabulous reviews, but also is always supporting and promoting other people too. If you don’t follow her already, you really should..


Eleanor sells books, also writes a fantastic blog, and is also going to be a guest on Booktime Brunch with Antonia very soon too.


The Amazingly Supportive Publishing People and Their Publishing Houses

Isabelle @BelgraviaB

@EmmaDowson1  from @MyriadEditions

@EmmaDowson1  from @saltpublishing

Kate Macdonald and @JudithWiseBooks from  @KateHandheld

Simon and @meandmybigmouth from @EyeAndLightning

@d_bdale from @reflexfiction

@PhilippaCotton from @BloomsburyBooks

Victoria from @DeanStPress

The @ngaiomarshaward


The Literary Festivals You Would Be Mad To Miss

The Henley Literary Festival

You can find out all about it here – Henley Literary Festival

Or follow them on Twitter here – @HenleyLitFest

Or on Instagram here  –  @henleylitfest

I am going to be Live Tweeting:

Families In Fiction with @HarrietEvans  @hannahbeckerman  @missjanetellis

Debuts on The Thames with @ZebaTalk  and @yazzarf

How To Write A Thriller with  @alisonbarrow  @LesleyKara and @figbarton

With Many Thanks to Sara, for all her help and support too!


The Tring Book Festival

You can find out all about it here – Tring Book Festival

Or follow them on Twitter here – @tringbookfest

Or on Instagram here – @tringbookfest

With Many Thanks to @BenDMoorhouse and @AliCyster for their help and time in telling us all about The Tring Book Festival too!


Finally, a HUGE Thank you so much to the always Fabulous Antonia Honeywell for having me as a guest on her show #BooktimeBrunch on @ChilternVoice

I’m going to be back on Antonia’s show on December 9th, dispensing Book Doctor Advice, so if you have any bookish dilemmas, we may be able to help!

Keep watching our Twitter feeds to see how you can be involved, and more importantly, keep reading and sharing the Book Love!


Clare xx

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