“All You Do Is Read A Book and Tweet About It..”

So, in today’s adventures from Book Blogging Land, I wanted to share with you a little conversation I had with someone (Not A Book Blogger), who, when I told them I wrote about books in my spare time, said the line which I have now immortalised as the title for this Blog Post…

In the last few days, I have been thinking a lot about what I do as a Book Blogger, and I guess what I wanted to share with you all is what happens when I decide to Blog about a book. I hope it helps you if you are new to blogging and don’t know where to start, or if you are just interested in knowing what it involves!

This is only my way of doing things, everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong way to do this (am getting that in there nice and early!)

  • First of all, I choose a book I want to talk about – it could be one from the library, one from my shelves or if I’m lucky, one I have been sent.
  • I have This Book, but I want to make it look attractive, so I spend time taking pictures of This Book, trying different layouts, styles and backgrounds. Finally I have it, cropped, filtered, edited and ready to upload..
  • The next step is to post This Book on my social media feed, hashtagging the title, making sure I tag the author, publisher, date of publication where relevant, where or who I got it from. I only use Twitter and Instagram, but I always make sure I post on both platforms, and do ALL the numerous hashtags on Instagram so that it’s seen by as many people as possible!
  • Then finally I read This Book – while making notes and using post it notes to highlight memorable quotes (I’m 48 years old – I often forget my childrens names or call them by the dog’s name so don’t judge me..!)
  • Hooray, now I’ve read This Book, if I’ve enjoyed it (yes, unapologetically I am a blogger who only posts positive reviews), I tweet and post on Instagram about it – again making sure I tag and hashtag everyone and everything until I can’t tag no more!
  • It’s now time to settle down and spend quite a few hours writing my blog post, and re-writing, and tweaking and checking and finally posting it. This is inbetween dealing with a husband, two teenagers and a bonkers Springer Spaniel.
  • Now I just have to get back on to my social media and tell everyone that I have written a blog post so that they can check it out and comment on it (so now I have to check and respond to all the comments on my Twitter and Instagram feeds as well as anyone who has taken the time to leave a comment on my blog).
  • Time for a cup of coffee.
  • Oooh, I think I need to read another book…
  • It starts all over again – and I love every minute of it…

There you go – some people may do much more than I do, some a lot less, and some just the same.

Do you know what? The only question you need to ask yourself is – do you enjoy doing it? If you do, then that’s all that matters…


Clare xx

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