Do You Ever Wonder?

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This is a bit of a random post, because it’s not a review, but more something I have been thinking about, and when I want to blog, I’m going to blog!

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about why I love book blogging – I know that I’ve talked about that before here , but then my youngest asked me recently – what do you think makes a good book blogger?

Well, that got me thinking…

What Makes A Good Book Blogger?

Do you have to have a huge number of followers – and does that in turn mean you have a responsibility to be authentic and post regular book reviews for those people who listen to you and value your opinions and recommendations?

Is it that you must read at a rapid rate, and because you read so many books and blog about them regularly that your opinions count more than someone who publishes four blog posts a year?

Do you have to read and review every single book you have or are lucky enough to get sent?

Perhaps we should be measure the success of a book blogger as to how long your blog posts are?  Are pages and pages more worthy than a few paragraphs?

Does it make you any lesser of a blogger if you don’t use a site to blog, but instead choose videos, a tweet, an instagram post or a YouTube channel as a means to share the Booklove?

Perhaps you are lucky enough to get all the most anticipated proofs, so that must mean the people in the publishing industry believe that you are a good book blogger and have the engagement and reach that they want for their books – if you are talking about it, then everyone on this planet will need this book too.

To be a good book blogger, do you have to follow and do all the hashtags and challenges and readathons and all the other bookish events that pepper the calendar throughout the year?

Maybe to be you have to be brilliant at social media and know how to use all the filters and editing techniques on Instagram, so your bookish pictures and reviews always look like they would fit into a magazine.

Obviously the more you tweet and retweet and repost and add to your Instagram stories with all the bookish things means that you must be a top notch book blogger too right?

Or can you only possibly be a good book blogger if you spend all day on social media, interact with all your favourite authors, and what their favourite flavour of crisps are?

Well, you can’t be a very good book blogger if you aren’t reading the latest releases everyone is shouting about can you?

It’s confusing isn’t it?

What does make a good book blogger? 

I don’t have the definitive answer, but all I will say is that if you are not enjoying what you are doing, and that you feel like a joyless reading machine, then stop and take a step back.

Having the confidence to do whatever bookish things YOU want to do, when YOU want to do it helps to make you a better blogger.

A wise woman (who is also an author) told me recently that one of the best things in the world for her is when a reader contacts her to say how much they enjoyed reading her book.

Perhaps that is all this book blogging malarkey is – sharing the booklove in a way that works for you. I know how hard it is to just be content with what you are doing without comparing yourself, but trust me, life’s too short to worry as to whether you have spent enough time today being Bookish Enough.

If posting every day is what works for you, do it. If once a year is fine, then do that too.

Only want to talk about the latest releases, go for it. If you relish the joy in talking about a book that’s been on your shelves for a while, or a book from a library you chose, do that too.

Can’t be bothered faffing around with filters and special effects on your pics, then don’t – who cares?

Have an account on every social media channel and tweet or post or create witty stories to your heart’s content, or have one way that you love of communicating with people – it’s up to you!

Read what you want, when you want, talk about it, don’t talk about it – you choose to do whatever you want – you love reading and that’s all that matters!

That’s it – no shattering revelations, no clever or witty snappy remarks, just a plain and simple fact.

This is only my opinion, you might agree or disagree, you might think I have got it absolutely wrong or completely spot on, but now it’s over to you!

So, Bookish People, what do you think makes a good book blogger?

Lots of love,




19 thoughts on “Do You Ever Wonder?

  1. Jayne Anderson says:

    Well said. As a new book blogger I started to think about reading from a different angle and was only reading new releases many of which I didn’t overly enjoy. Recently I’ve gone back to reading the books I know I will love and I feel so much better about myself. If no one reads my posts and I don’t have thousands of followers I don’t care. I am writing and blogging primarily for myself.

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  2. nsfordwriter says:

    Such a good post! I would agree that loving books and wanting talk about them/sharing the love is the definition of a good book blogger. And that you’re blogging because you want to and you enjoy it, rather than chasing stats or having the perfect image.

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  3. The Book Cottage says:

    I dip in and out of my blog a lot – lately more out than in. I love reading and I love blogging, but working a stressful 40 hour a week job makes it difficult. I sometimes feel quite sad that I don’t have enough time to do what I really love, but then I also realize that if I don’t make the time it’s my own fault. I love spending weekends with my husband, and he’s supportive of my blogging – he even got me a new laptop for my birthday – so it’s all on me! Ugh, I turned a comment into a bit of a complaint, when I really wanted to say: “Yes, spot on!”. Thanks for indulging me 🙂

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